Mary Lou's Gives Back

At Mary Lou's, giving back is a top priority. 10% of everything we sell goes to support Casa Shalom Orphanage, located in the highlands of Guatemala.  Casa Shalom is directed by Mary Lou’s granddaughter, Jessica, and her husband Josh. Children come to the orphanage from all across Guatemala to find refuge and love after having been abused, abandoned, orphaned or severely neglected.  Most arrive at the orphanage extremely malnourished, sick, traumatized and without ever having attended school or having received medical care.

At Casa Shalom, each child benefits from a diet specially designed to combat malnutrition, quality medical and dental care, and an education from preschool through college, and job-skills training.  Casa Shalom also provides intensive therapy for each child to help them heal from the trauma of their past. Casa Shalom’s therapists use a variety of methods, including music therapy, art therapy, horse therapy, canine therapy, play therapy, and much more! Most importantly, Casa Shalom’s children receive God’s Word and are taught that Jesus is loves them unconditionally and died to save them.

The mission of Casa Shalom is to take children from hard places and provide unconditional love, support, training, therapy and discipleship so that they can leave the orphanage as educated, healthy adults who will change Guatemala from the inside out!

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